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100% Jamaica Blue Mountain is the most sought after gourmet coffee in the world.  But -- if you’ve discovered our web site -- we suspect you’re already aware of Blue Mountain’s elite status as the premier coffee throughout the globe.  Yes -- we could expound on Blue Mountain’s wonderfully exotic and exquisite flavor that has been satisfying java connoisseurs for more than two centuries-- but we at Precious Provisions (“PProvs” for short) discourage redundancy. Instead, we thought to offer a few “endorsements” and stats surrounding this coveted blend.


(For those who must have details, please refer to coffee standards.)

Did you know?

When Christopher Columbus first gazed upon Jamaica’s Blue Mountains in 1494, he asserted:

“It is the fairest island eyes have beheld; mountainous and the land seems to touch the sky."


When John Lennon and Yoko Ono visited Tokyo, they almost invariably stayed in the Presidential Suite on the 13th floor of the Hotel Okura's South Wing. (Currently available for ¥350,000 a night, up 140,000 yen from the rate John & Co. paid.) The Lennons would often stroll from their hotel to the second-floor coffee shop located above the Clover confectionery in Roppongi.


Seated on a window side sofa that they reserved before arriving, the two would watch the influx below; and without a word spoken, the waiter would deliver John two cups of steaming Blue Mountain coffee, which he liked rather mild.

Among the champions of Blue Mountain was author Ian Fleming. Fleming, who lived part-time in Jamaica, would not allow his literary hero -- and man of superior taste -- James Bond, to drink any other. As Bond sits down for breakfast in a page of "Live and Let Die," Fleming declares outright:

"Blue Mountain coffee, the most delicious in the world."


PProvs Index:
Average price per pound of Blue Mountain coffee in the US: $56.50
Average price per pound of Blue Mountain coffee in Japan: $72
Price per pound of Precious Provisions Blue Mountain coffee: $39.85
Price per pound of bulk Precious Provisions Blue Mountain coffee: $36.67
Average cost of a 16-ounce latte in the US: $3.50
Number of cups of coffee per pound (dependent on strength): 48-60
Average cost per cup of Precious Provisions Blue Mountain coffee: 71 cents
Sources: International Coffee Association, Starbucks Corp.

Now why did we offer you the aforementioned info?
Well, it’s great that Lennon preferred Blue Mountain, but this is certainly no reason for selection. Pure (the coffee, too) and simple: Blue Mountain’s taste is Exceptional -- and now it's available for less $.

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customer praise

Broadcast from Apollo 11's LEM, “Eagle,” to Johnson Space Center, Houston July 20, 1969.

“If you'll excuse me a minute, I'm going to have a cup of coffee.”

Coffee in space


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